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Special Introductory Price of €99. 


This Introduction to Minduflness is a self study course that you can complete in your own time, in the comfort of your own home. The perfect gift to your self, or someone you love. 


This course includes a series of 6 video classes that introduce you to the practice of Mindfulness, with a range of activities, techniques and guided meditations. You will also receive a beautiful course workpack via post. This workpack is a wonderful addition to the course, making it a personal experience for you. The workpack includes a workboook containing lots of activities, techniques and opportunities for self reflection.


The workpack also contains colouring pencils for your mindful colouring, and our 'Just Be' Aroma Inhaler, combining essential oils Lavendar, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile & Clary Sage.


 As a practising aromatherapist, I always use essential oils with every Holistic Therapy and Mindfulness session. Research shows that essential oils help to relax the Amygdala of the limbic system, which is the fear, worry and threat centre of the brain, helping to bring clam and relaxation to the body and mind.


Once you purchase the course, you will received a link to the video content of the course, and your workpack will be posted out to you (please allow time for work pack to be delivered following the purchase of the course). 


If you are purchasing this course as a gift for somebody, please provide their email address and their postage address in the section provided, so that we can send the video content to them via email and the workpack via post. 


This is a great opportunity for self care and self nurturing, giving you, or someone you love, time to relax, destress and reflect, while learning how to introduce mindfulness into everyday life. 


This course is suitable for adults, we will be launching a course for children and families in the near future. Please follow us on social media for regular updates on upcoming courses, workshops and retreats. 

6 Week Introduction to Mindfulness - Online Self Study Course

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€99.00Sale Price
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