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Our Testimonials

"I’ve been going to Catriona and Soul Sanctuary for the past 18 months and it’s been my haven. Anytime I go to Catriona at Soul Sanctuary it gives me positivity and good energy and all of her clients would agree. I look forward to my visits and would not miss them for anything and I am in a much better place now then when I first started with The Soul Sanctuary. It’s relaxing and it’s about making time for me. It gets the mind and body working together. You can have reflexology, massages, mindfulness and meditation which are all great for healing the inner body and immune system. As a friend of mine said ``you have come a long way and keep doing what you are doing.”



“I have done numerous mindfulness courses at Soul Sanctuary with the amazing Catriona, they have taught me new ways to stay present and opened my eyes to simple yet powerful approaches to living your best life. I have also had one to one treatments like reflexology and reiki with Catriona which were so relaxing and beneficial. The atmosphere in Soul Sanctuary is peaceful and energising and I would highly recommend it to everyone.”



“Soul Sanctuary is one of the most fabulous places I have ever been to. From the tranquil and beautiful setting to the most relaxing Therapy Room! Catriona is such a warm person with a special gift that is special. She did Lymphatic Drainage/Cupping Massage with me and finished off with some reflexology - Amazing! Really looking forward to my next visit!”



“I was privileged enough to be welcomed with warm and open arms by Catriona and her wonderful husband for the past year and a half. My sessions have helped me both emotionally & spiritually. Catriona has helped me to change my outlook on life in such positive ways. I cannot thank her enough for her warm and welcoming ways. It is very clear that Catriona really loves what she does. It was great to hear that Catriona was back open for business and put me straight at ease to see how well she is following the guidelines to keep everybody safe. I cannot recommend Catriona enough to people and thank her for all that she has done for me.”



“I had the opportunity to take the 6 week Introduction to Mindfulness Course offered by Soul Sanctuary Holistic Therapies. The course provided an excellent overview of mindfulness techniques for stress reduction and self-care. Each week I was provided a pack of high quality written materials that I have referred back to since the course. The course instructor, Catriona possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the subject, and is a top notch group facilitator as well. Soul Sanctuary and its staff provide a professional, calm and supportive environment where this type of learning can easily take place.”



“I would highly recommend Soul Sanctuary. From amazing staff to an amazing place. Catriona is so warm and calm and very welcoming and talented. The treatments are top class. It’s 5 stars from me!”



“I’ve been attending Soul Sanctuary for the past 4 years. Catriona is fantastic. I always feel amazing after each visit. Her professionalism, kindness and ability to connect on a personal level is truly unique. She has helped me immensely in my recovery and her positivity is infectious. A warm welcome always awaits each visit and I leave feeling like a new person. I will be forever grateful for all Soul Sanctuary has done and continues to do for me.”



“Mindfulness with Catriona at Soul Sanctuary . . . . My 6 week course proved to be an experience that opened my heart and mind. From the minute I was greeted by Catriona at the door there was calmness and serenity and the whole experience was fabulous. I would highly recommend Soul Sanctuary to re-energise the body and soul.”



“I first started at Soul Sanctuary in 2018. My first session with Catriona was an experience I never had before, a welcoming smile and reassurance. I felt I had known her for years the way I was welcomed on my first day at Soul Sanctuary. At that time I had hit rock bottom with mental health and had been to other therapists, but at this stage I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. After a few sessions with Catriona I was starting to find my true self, something no other therapist had helped me do. In Soul Sanctuary it is all about healing from your past but most importantly, focusing on the now and finding ways forward, rather than looking at the past. I also attended Catriona’s Mindfulness course which was amazing and what you learn is for everyday life not just particular struggles. 2 years on, I still attend Catriona for what I like to call ‘to ups’ for my mental health. The biggest thing that Catriona taught me is not about forgetting your past or predicting the future, but to take each second as it comes. Amazing therapist that changed my life and helped me, no matter how bad life has been or how you feel, life is worth living.”



“The benefits of attending Catriona’s retreat have stayed with me over the last year. Focusing on what really matters, clearing the mind of clutter, and addressing my physical health as well as mindfulness, I have introduced new habits to my daily life, which I never could stick with before. The retreat was the kickstart I needed but continuous top ups, following Soul Sanctuary on social media and in-person with Catriona, when I can, keep me energised.”



“In a word...Peaceful place like heaven on earth. If you could name another place I would call you mad. In my opinion you’ll never experience anything like it.”



“Soul Sanctuary is more than just a reflexology session, it’s a freeing experience. Catriona is one of the most caring and loving listeners. She’s helped so many people and not only that, in my experience it has helped me sleep better and calm me down so much where I feel like I can do anything. Without sounding too cheesy, I think everyone should try a session.”


“I absolutely LOVE going to Catriona. I have a busy job with plenty of stress and when I go, it is pure me time and she is kindness itself and I always leave feeling so much improved. I cannot recommend her enough.”



“I first went to Catriona for pregnancy reflexology. I went regularly for the last ¾ months of my pregnancy. I can honestly say that the treatments I received from Catriona, along with her lessons in breathing and meditation, made my baby’s delivery a very calm and happy experience. Cattiona’s warmth, kindness and super sense of humor are an added bonus. I cannot recommend a visit to Soul Sanctuary Holistic Therapies enough. I’m looking forward to my next treatment.”



“My husband has suffered from blocked ears over the years to a point where he was finding it hard to hear, after two sessions of hopi ear candling with Catriona, he can hear great, it’s the only thing that has worked so well for him.”


Maureen & Shane

“ The Soul Sanctuary is exactly in the name, it’s a sanctuary, you are always greeted so warmly upon arrival and begin to relax. Immediately. I have been going to Catriona for over a year, for reflexology and mindfulness. Catriona has a wealth of knowledge in holistic therapies with a fantastic way of explaining how the mind and body works and how to slow things right down, from talking through many a concern, I have made some important decisions that were inspired by how Catriona helped me work to get to a place to find the perfect solution for me. Reflexology is very relaxing, the smallest of details are thought of to give the best possible experience, from heated towels to amazing scents, I always leave feeling refreshed and happy.”



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